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Body Massage

Chair Massage (15 min/30 min) $25.00/$50.00
Deep Tissue Massage  
Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a traditional Asian technique using moderate to strong finger pressure to work deep into the muscles and pressure points to relieve aches and stress.
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Swedish Massage (With Oil)
A relaxing medium pressure massage utilizing long soothing strokes and kneading to reduce tension creating total relaxation for the entire body's well being.
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Thai Massage
A deep relaxing massage with technique utilizing the masseuse's hands, knees and feet to help you stretch into different positions to increase flexibility and energy, helps reduce stress and centers the mind and body. This treatment helps increase circulation which is perfect for the body's well being.
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Massage Prices:
   45 min $75.00
   60 min $99.00
   75 min $124.00
   90 min $148.00
   120 min $198.00
Chinese Herbal Foot Reflexology (60 min)
In China, herbal medicine is considered as the primary therapeutic modality of internal medicine. These practices have survived multiple dynasties extending over two thousand years. While the herbal medicine detoxifies, foot reflexology targets various pressure points that stimulate different organs of the body. This treatment will help blood circulation, relieve stress, and relax the mind, body, and soul.
Express Foot Reflexology (30 min) $50.00